Ableton Live 9

2017-03-07 08:45:27 by jnkofficial

so i got a 30-day free trial for Ableton Live 9. it's pretty dank. i currently have 27 days left, hopefully i can compose a complete song within that time!


if you want to see how my song is going, you should visit my youtube channel ( soon i'll post some speed-composing videos showing me creating the track :D


hopefully y'all are ready for ultimate awesomeness. this is gonna be one of my best songs yet!


that's all i wanted to share, see ya later!

- jnkofficial

oh, hello there.

2017-01-26 09:57:25 by jnkofficial


out of all the places you could be on newgrounds right now, you chose to come here. thanks. i really appreciate it.

anyways, i am a musician who makes electronic, synthy stuff. i've always made my songs on GarageBand, but since you don't actually legit make any of the music on there, i probably will change to FL Studio or Cubase or something idek.


(p.s. y'all might know me from my old account, NyloGD, but i switched to a new account for specific reasons. if you wanna know why, go to and see the latest news post. thenks)


so yeah. hopefully you like my tunes.

PM me if you wanna give suggestions/ideas, or if you wanna collab.